Movie Review-Repost of “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly” (1966)

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by David Anson Brown

The website’s decoding of the 1966 movie “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly” by Italian film director Sergio Leone
A bounty hunting scam joins two men in an uneasy alliance against a third in a race to find a fortune in gold buried in a remote cemetery. (filmed in Italy, extended version released in Europe in 1966, an edited version was released in the USA in 1968, an almost completely restored-extended version was released in 2003 on DVD) – [link]

Background – Decoding “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly” by Italian film director Sergio Leone
Why is there a need and what is the relevance of looking at this particular movie? Recently I was listening to a Current Events discussion and interview on a Christian podcast – the person being interviewed though unprompted launched into a standard End Time Armageddon scenario. It was the same Armageddon scenario that is so routinely submitted by so many End Time – Watchman ministries that most people assume that the current Armageddon scenario is factually based on well researched Christian doctrine. However the reality is that the current Armageddon scenario is anything but Biblically based and seemingly the way it is dogmatically rendered on Christian radio and in End Time Ministries the Armageddon scenario is actually an occult scenario that has entered into the Christian Church. Lest people say that there is no occult End Time Armageddon scenario we are going to examine the 1966 movie “The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly” a movie that actually depicts and blueprints all of America’s military wars and engagements from the Civil War up until an Armageddon scenario put forth in the movie’s climatic showdown scene set in a fictitious cemetery, a massive graveyard called “Sand Hill” i.e. the sand hills of the “Middle-East” and Armageddon. Also, if anyone disagrees that this occult scenario has entered into the Christian Church just remember that the movie came out in 1966 & 1968 and then later in 1970 the book “The Late, Great Planet Earth” by Hal Lindsey came out followed by numerous other authors such as Chuck Missler all following the movie’s Armageddon scenario and then blueprinting that Occult scenario into the Christian Church as a modern End Time doctrine for Evangelical Christianity.

Plot Summary 1
The movie uses a part historical and part fictitious American Civil War setting in order to orchestrate and illustrate (instruct) what is presumably a desired occult outcome to global affairs. The movie has three main characters and several sub-characters; all of whom we will examine in detail later. The three main characters though monikered as ‘The Good’, ‘The Bad’ and ‘The Ugly’ are each unveiled in the opening scenes of the movie as equally undistinguishable in their vicious, mean, stubborn and underhanded day to day lives. The movie plot follows the lives of the three figures, The Good – The Bad – The Ugly as they each compete to gain sole possession of a fortune [the earth’s wealth] in buried [payroll] gold.

Plot Summary 2
About half way through the movie the scenes follow a series of wartime events and battles. Each scene event depicts a different war in American history. Starting with a brief scene where a Civil War Union solider ‘thief’ is executed by a formation of Union Soldiers firing into the condemned man at a very close range. This is actually the only scene that depicts a Civil War era combat event in the movie and apparently the occult lesson is that the Civil War was actually an execution of soldiers on both sides in the war, in the intent and extent of the way that the war was fought. After the brief Civil War era execution scene the plot quickly shifts to a city destroyed by war but not the Civil War in the movie’s depiction it is now the wars of Europe WWI & WWII. The bomb (shell) that explodes in the middle of the street is a WWI era ‘whistling’ bomb and explosion {bombs in WWI often had a whistle type of noisemaker attached to them to provide an additional psychological fear factor to the bombing and shelling, a practice that was also initially practiced early in WWII but was soon ended as WWII soon opted for much more tonnage of bombs in order to achieve the additional fear factor instead of the fewer but nosier bombs of WWI.} – After the WWI view of the city and the bomb explosion in the center of the street the same scene adopts a WWII style as now the men ‘attack’ through the destroyed city by walking down both sides of the street in a typical WWII military formation and while going down the street encounter a ‘sniper’ depicting the ever present German snipers of WWII, the character Tuco utters one word in the scene “hold” very similar in sound to German word “halt”. The WWII era scene also depicted a man reading a book (very common of the WWII generation) and also includes a scene where a dead man’s shirt is lifted up revealing in appearance a WWII German rife or machinegun wound and not the pistol wound of the movie (and one of the characters comments “he must have shot him at close range” in order to help cover that the wound is too large for a Civil War era pistol wound). Apparently the occult lesson is that WWI and WWII were intended to destroy large cities and in the process endanger, destabilize and shift (relocate) huge populations of civilians.

Plot Summary 3
After departing the badly war-torn city two of the characters on route to their destination are ‘captured’ and forcibly taken to yet another military engagement. This time the military battle is a depiction of the war in Korea as the scenery is now hills with sparsely covered vegetation (characteristic of Korea). Much of the later Korean War [up until the ending stalemate] was fought from small trenches dug along the hills with accompanying artillery positions also dug into the hills. The river in the scene is depicting the Yule River that the Chinese crossed to enter the Korean war. The movie is depicting American and Chinese forces fighting on the bridge. The Captain, younger than the WWII aged men in the previous scene [more on this later] is of the age of a Korean War veteran (in 1966) and acts the part of an Army officer in Korea, his (shrapnel and bayonet) wounds and the treatment of them (a mountain of gauze) are characteristic of the Korean War. Apparently the occult lesson is that Korea was fought to (secretly) bring down bridges and separators between Nations and populations i.e. a global economy. – Note: In the actual Korean War when Marines of the 1st Marine Division raised the American flag in victory during the Battle of Seoul in Korea and within hours of hearing about it American General Douglas MacArthur ordered that the American flag was to be removed and the U.N. flag flown in its place and the order was reluctantly carried out by the troops at the scene. – Also Note: Ray L. Walker, USMC veteran of the Korean War “I was there and I recall it well. Including the attempt by an army color guard to remove the American Flag we flew in Seoul and replace it with a U.N. flag. The result was a flag pole we shot to hell – no flag flew from that pole anymore [though the U.N. flag did replace the American flag as ordered in other places]. History depends on who’s telling it. Usually non-combatants working from official documents.” – Source:

Plot Summary 4
Crossing over what remains of the destroyed bridge the two characters find a vastly different scenery (and a different war) on the other side of the river. The scenery is now the lush green (jungle) of the then current (1966) war in Vietnam. Spread among the ground are the bodies not of rebel soldiers but the bodies of attacking Viet Cong from the previous night’s battle (much of the fighting in Vietnam was at night). One of the characters comes across a very young (Vietnam veteran age in 1966) and very badly wounded solider. The character covers the wounded solider with his own jacket in a scene very typical of a wounded soldier in Vietnam being covered by a poncho from his fellow soliders to help comfort the wounded solider while a medevac helicopter was on its way and as depicted in the movie often the solider died in the presence of friends {Note: Vietnam veterans actually intimately encountered more death of fellow soldiers than the WWII veterans who were busy attacking through objectives and later saw the dead bodies of close friends, while soldiers in Vietnam died in the arms and presence of one another often while waiting for a medevac.} – In the Vietnam scene the primary scene of destruction is of a badly destroyed and now unusable Church building. Apparently the occult lesson is that Vietnam was fought to completely destroy a Christian based society in America. With the Christian Church now in ruins the character Tuco is now literally blasted from one cannon shot after another [one conflict after another] into the cemetery of ‘Sand Hill’ setting up the desired Armageddon outcome. – Note: Defense Sectary Robert McNamara (during the Vietnam war) was a major architect and proponent of extending American involvement in Vietnam and McNamara is quoted on film as saying that if America withdraws (early) from the conflict in Vietnam that the desired social changes [government regulations, taxation, controls, oversight and surveillance] in America could not be achieved in peacetime as easily as they could in wartime.

Character Summary
The three main characters in the movie “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly” in the order that they first appear in the movie. 1. Eli Wallach – Tuco (the ugly) Tuco aka ‘the rat’ however Tuco is apparently the Spanish word for a small rodent that burrows into the ground while ‘la rata’ is apparently the Spanish translation of rat as in a rodent. 2. Lee Van Cleef – Angel Eyes (the bad). 3. Clint Eastwood – Blondie (the Good) note that the Clint Eastwood character is not an actual blond in the movie so the title ‘Blondie’ is not an actual title but is a figurative title as the names Tuco and Angle Eyes are also primarily figurative and representational names. In the movie Blondie represents of course the Arian (enlightened) species the Occultists. Tuco a species that burrows into the ground represents the Middle-East Arab Muslim oil Nations. Angel Eyes (someone who is supposedly heavenly focused) represents the people who control and manipulate the Christian Church i.e. a Pastor. In short the three main characters in the movie are an Occultist, a Muslim and a Christian.

Angel Eyes 1
In an early scene in the movie Angel Eyes’ first appearance is at the home of a wounded and recovering solider. Angel Eyes is looking for information on behalf of another person and during the conversation Angel Eyes learns that it is information about a stolen and buried payroll that is really the information attached to the name he was attempting to discover for his client. – Angel Eyes pauses at the entrance of the house before going in and in appearance Angel Eyes at first sight appears to look like a Missionary [instead of the dangerous gunman that he is] and indeed Angel Eyes has a big cloth bandanna draped around his neck to indicate subtly that he is a man of the cloth a Christian. Sitting down and eating the other man’s food Angel Eyes picks up the bread and cuts off a piece of it, he holds the piece of bread in one hand (as in holding communion) and is filmed in a deliberate act of eating the bread (taking communion) further establishing Angel Eyes as a figure representing Christianity. Later Angel Eyes will be seen drinking from a cup (concluding his communion) and the (communion) cup will appear and be staged as a prop in the final Armageddon scene.

Tuco 1
Tuco Ramírez (full name: Tuco Benedicto Pacífico Juan María Ramírez – The character Tuco representing the Islam character has a long difficult name to pronounce like a Muslim generally has a difficult name for Westerners to pronounce. When Tuco is apprehended and brought into the Sheriff’s office the first time Tuco utters a continuous stream of Arab type of proverbs against his captor, his captor’s father and his captor’s mother. It is revealed later in the movie that Tuco actually has a brother that is a Catholic Priest in charge of the local Catholic Missionary enclave [Islam and Catholicism as brothers]. Tuco [representing Islam] remarks to his Catholic Priest brother that he is unfamiliar with the Catholic ways and simply kisses the tassel of his brother’s robe in a feigned attempt at admiration. In the Catholic Mission Tuco finds himself facing a portrait of a crucified Jesus Christ and upon seeing the picture Tuco begins to pray [possibly earnestly for a second] but then quickly and irreverently he takes out a bottle of whiskey and drains it in front of the portrait. – The genuinely good natured Tuco as a type of Islam he is repeatedly used [his neck constantly in and out of nooses] throughout the movie resulting from the scams and moneymaking cons of others to the point that Tuco really knows no other way of existing and making a living.

Blondie 1
Blondie enters the movie in a scene just in time to save Tuco from being captured by other bounty hunters. Blondie is anonymous and is first heard without being seen and then is seen only from behind (his entire face is hidden as he talks and when he shoots) the first act of Blondie is [occult] to call down fire from heaven (well, actually to strike a match and light his cigar) he then proceeds to kill a trinity of three men. Blondie aka “Man with No Name” is also known as Judas when Tuco calls him by his name ‘Judas’ at the Sherriff’s office “Judas you sold my hide.” Blondie aka Judas is monikered in the movie with his label of “The Good” at the very moment that Judas or Blondie has just preformed his most devious, sadistic and underhanded task in abandoning a tied up Tuco in the wilderness. Certainly the label of “The Good” is not intended to imply compassion or goodness of any kind but is implying that Blondie/Judas is good at being devious.

After the opening credits the first scene in the movie is of a man (meddler – a *Don Quixote type figure) who pops-up awkwardly into the viewing frame as if he is an arcade game pop-up toy who’s only intention is to be unceremoniously knocked down again. Indecently ‘meddler’ is a biological blondie however he is nothing of the spiritual Occult Blondie that the movie intends to portray. Unsurprisingly within moments the meddler and his two companions are indeed meddling in the affairs of Tuco, Angel Eyes and Blondie as the unfortunate meddling trio attempts to apprehend Tuco but the shifty Tuco easily dispatches two of them wounding the third and easily escapes being captured by them. Later in the movie meddler again bumps into Tuco and again tries to apprehend Tuco and seek vengeance for his previous wound from Tuco. Upon encountering Tuco the often offended meddler immediately rehearses a long list of grievances and desires that he has intended to visit upon Tuco but Tuco simply shoots him down like the pop-up target he has always been. Meddler or a Don Quixote figure is a very important figure in Occult teachings and supposedly the famed Skull & Bones Society of Yale University has only three items of interest within their society walls the first being a human skull (death and Satan worship) the second being a Black (Satanic) Pope [instituting a Satanic Pope over the Catholic Church] and the third being a statue of a Don Quixote figure. — “Proverbs 20:3 It is an honour for a man to cease from strife: but every fool will be meddling.” – “Psalms 14:1 The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God. They are corrupt, they have done abominable works, there is none that doeth good.” — “Psalms 11:7 For the righteous LORD loveth righteousness; His countenance doth behold the upright.” – “James 5:16 Confess your faults one to another, and pray one for another, that ye may be healed. The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.”

Catholic Priest
Tuco’s brother the Catholic Priest upon recognizing Tuco immediately launches into his own private crusade against [the Muslim] Tuco. Tuco then does reveal to his brother that indeed he is a [Muslim] man with many wives (i.e. a harem) and the two have a minor altercation among brothers. In a very touching scene the Catholic Priest does rightly repent of his treatment towards Tuco and quietly [out of sight of Tuco] asks for Tuco’s forgiveness for the previous crusade. Note: The Catholic Mission is portrayed in the movie as a place where both sides in the professed war (good and evil) can freely enter in and receive from the resources of the Mission. How interesting that the Occult scenario is that the Catholic Church should administer its Priestly duties without any Priestly discernment as though the only two options in Christian Ministry are complete acquiesce and acceptance of all things evil or of an over the top unwarranted crusade against every small appearance and detail of evil.

The man named Baker [as in Jewish Matzoh – baked unleavened bread] is portrayed primarily by his Jewish facial features. The Jew is stereotypically depicted as being infirmed, greedy, lazy and in immediate possession of a handful of cash. Angel Eyes [Christian authority] is portrayed as working for Baker, as an unwilling servant to the Jew, it is Baker [the mythical Jewish conspiracy] that ultimately employs and pays Angel Eyes his wages. In the movie plot Angel Eyes has discovered another way to make money via the new information of a buried [payroll] treasure and he quickly kills the Jew seemingly having gained his own independence. Amazingly in the movie Angel Eyes after needlessly killing the Jew, then Angel Eyes clutches the lamp of the Jew and blows out the lamp, the light of the Jew is now extinguished but it was also his only source of light and Angel Eyes is left standing in utter darkness foretelling of his own impending destruction. How informative that when Christianity removes the Jewish nature of the Bible, of Christianity and of God revealed to mankind that indeed Christianity has darkened the only light it will ever know.

Angel Eyes had discovered that his best opportunity to find more information regarding the buried [payroll] treasure would be at the Prisoner of War camp Batterville and has placed himself in authority as the Sargent in charge at Batterville. Angel Eyes is looking for the one last living person, a solider originally named Jackson but who was now going under the assumed name of Bill Carson, who was the only living clue left as to where the treasure was buried. Batterville is an amazing place, it is a place where Angel Eyes thinks he is in complete authority, able to conduct his own business in his own way. Batterville is the exact Occult scenario of how an Occult influenced [treasure seeking] Christian Church should be run. The prisoners [Christians unfortunate enough to land in Angel Eyes’ greedy Mega-Church chapel] are abused, malnourished, neglected, tormented and mistreated at every available opportunity by Angel Eyes and his personally selected staff of enforcers. In a prominent scene in the movie at the aptly named Batterville [where all who enter are battered and beaten] Angel Eyes and his staff are seen in their luxurious accommodations having just taken up a collection [robbing the people of their last cent] from among the newly arrived prisoners. The collection pile is spread out on top of the table and Angel Eyes and his co-conspirators lament that the pile of money and goods wasn’t as large as they would have liked it to have been but just the same the pile of money is scooped up into a sack and sent outside the camp [where it will no longer be of any use to the prisoners] through a convenient side window in the office. Angel Eyes insists that the camp’s ‘praise and worship’ band begin to play, not that praise and worship will help the downtrodden prisoners all that much but Angel Eyes has learned that even a half-descent praise band will go a long way in helping to cover and conceal the multitude of crimes and indiscretions perpetrated by Angel Eyes and his staff against the honest prisoners of the camp and indeed Angel Eyes sees no reason to release any meaningful financial statements or insert any oversight of any kind into his daily proceedings, a tactic that quickly breaks the morale and destroys the will to resist of all the many prisoners in his beloved kingdom of Batterville. Angel Eyes is called before the Camp Officer the true Camp authority the Commandant [a type of Jesus Christ] but Angel Eyes sees the true authority as diseased (a wound that has not healed and has turned to gangrene) and Angel Eyes simply scoffs and wishes the Commandant “good luck” in his desire of bringing justice, fair treatment and accountably to Batterville and to the entire Army for that matter [though Angle Eyes should have stuck around and come back to the Camp Commandant (Jesus Christ) on the third day and he would have found Him not injured on the cross and not in the grave as he suspected but completely healed and in complete authority]. Angel Eyes does locate the information of Bill Carson but it happens to be Tuco that now has the name of Bill Carson and knows the location of the cemetery where the treasure is buried. Angel Eyes invites Tuco into his office for fellowship and a free agape meal together. Tuco suspecting that the meal is poison is reluctant at first but then dives in with a large appetite and an equally large spoon. Interestingly enough the feast Angel Eyes provides has no cups to drink from and no wine to drink but only whisky to drink and bowls to drink from and both men drink from the bowls of wrath filled to the brim. The cup [communion cup] will come later. True to his nature and desires Angel Eyes quickly instructs an assistant to pummel Tuco into submission while the camp praise band begins playing in the background intending to cover the crime though the scheme fools few.

Arch Stanton
Tuco is incorrectly told by Blondie that the fortune of wealth is buried in a grave with the name of Arch Stanton on the grave marker when actually the treasure in the movie is buried in the grave next to (on the left side) of the grave marked Arch Stanton. Tuco at first digging through the sand with a board borrowed from the grave on the left and with his bare hands uncovers the coffin of Arch Stanton. Blondie being little help tosses an almost finished Tuco a shovel at the last moment and just as the coffin of Arch Stanton is about to be opened to reveal its contents who should appear tossing in another shovel none other than Angle Eyes himself. The grave is opened by Tuco to reveal not treasure but a skeleton the bones of Arch Stanton [in the Occult the Archangel Satan is the ruler of the dead]. Blondie proclaims that the three will have to work [kill] for the treasure, and actually it’s dance for the treasure because what follows is an amazing dance of the Devil that is conducted within an Occult circle by the three participants. – Grave markers – There are primarily three types of grave markers in Sand Hill cemetery. The short rounded top gravestone familiar to all graveyards, there are many Christian crosses also a familiar site in graveyards and at the fictional Sand Hill cemetery there is a common third type of grave marker it is a dual plank grave marker that when weather aged or assembled shoddily actually comes separates at the top and reveals a distinct occult V at the top of the marker. Arch Stanton happens to be buried in an occult marked grave and it has the distinct occult V located at the top. The name Arch Stanton (Archangel Satan) leaves no doubt that the grave is of occult origin. The grave on the left of Arch Stanton the grave with the treasure to be plundered is marked with a cross. When the skeleton of Arch Stanton [a type of Satan] is exposed it shows a skull that is turned to the left keeping watch on the treasure in the accompanying grave.

WHAT’S GOING ON WITH DR. JOHN PIPER? {Note: About the Occult V (Victory, Vendetta) symbol – Shortly after the American Civil War the Occult symbol K came into prominence in America and especially in the just defeated Confederate States. In Occult lingo a more highly dedicated occultist would choose more K’s i.e. the symbol KKK. However the symbol KKK quickly became detestable in all of America and went out of style. The ancient Occult symbol V always remained in prominence in Europe and like the KKK of America a European Occultist would add multiple V’s and actually create the W – Therefor an Occult W is equal to an Occult KKK – Here is a recent photo of Pastor John Piper flashing the Occult W sign.} (Photo)
In Rick Warren To Be Featured At Desiring God 2010 – I was among the few who broke the story that Dr. Piper had made the ill-advised decision to invite Leadership Network’s propped-up Purpose Driven Pope Rick Warren to DG 2010 as a keynote speaker. Then, as I shared in Rick Warren Doctrinal And Sound?, unfortunately it got even worse when Dr. Piper decided to defend his decision: At root I think [Rick Warren] is theological and doctrinal and sound. … So whether one even knows it or not, Warrengate still is slowly simmering; Dr. Piper’s choice here has had the rippling effect of people, even outside of any discernment ministries, beginning to look a little closer at his theology, educational background, and associations; e.g. his charismatic bent, his connection to Fuller Theological Seminary, and with the late Ralph Winter. I had received a tip from a source back in June of this past year; and as I followed up on it, it would eventually lead me to discover some disturbing information which I orginally began sharing in Questions Concerning Dr. John Piper and Dr. John Piper And Unanswered Questions. When I wrote those initial articles Dr. Piper was on his much talked about sabbatical; now however, he is back and a few of the mystic books I pointed in the latter piece are no longer in the BBC online library. … What I just showed you here should give us real concern as the obstensibly Reformed, “happy,” and “romantic,” Calvinist Dr. John Piper is sounding less like a charismatic and more like a mystic as he points us to apostate teachers of Roman Catholicism and its spiritually bankrupt mysticism; and from what we can see, this has been going on for quite some time now. Perhaps, now that his discernment is so far off he’s even promoting the double-minded Rick Warren, the time has finally arrived for some of his DG speakers to take a closer look at what’s going on in this neo-Reformed camp. [article link]

6 the perfect number
After Angel Eyes and Blondie depart the Prisoner of War camp Batterville [now equal partners in search of the treasure at least that’s what Angel Eyes thinks] the two camp out by a river and in the morning it is revealed that Angel Eyes has a gang of friends who have come to meet him. One of them is shot by Blondie before he can even enter the camp site. Angel Eyes tells the rest of the “boys” to come out, Blondie counts them all including Angel Eyes and declares that the six of them make a perfect number because his gun has six bullets. Blondie says the word six exactly three times “… five, six … that’s six … six bullets in my gun” for a complete 666. As Blondie is counting and reaches the sixth person who happens to be Angel Eyes just as Blondie counts six and implying all of their deaths Angel Eyes is drinking from his cup completing his communion. Note: This one small seemingly innocent scene is perhaps the most important scene in the entire movie in order to decode the movie and it is one of only two scenes that Sergio Leone edited out of the [1968] American version. Leone might have figured the movie could have been easily decoded by American audiences so the scene was deleted along with an earlier scene with Tuco that comes off as highly socialist. The decoding elements in the campsite scene are two, first each face of the men is clearly shown as they are each counted and each one is about the same age as the others, each man is the age and appearance of a WWII veteran in 1966. The movie audience in America would have easily picked up that all the men in the scene were of WWII age and with the coming destroyed city scene would have realized that the movie had departed the Civil War era motif and had entered a WWI and WWII motif and could have easily placed the next two scenes as Korea and Vietnam. The other deleted element in the same scene is the drinking from the cup. It was probably even more important for Sergio Leone to cut and cover up the scenario that the bad guy represented in the movie was his representation of Christianity. Without seeing Angel Eyes deliberately drinking from the cup it becomes difficult for the audience to combine the earlier eating of the bread with the cup making for a completed Communion sequence and perhaps most important of all by cutting the scene Sergio Leone doesn’t have to explain why suddenly Communion cups show up on the mass graves of dead Christians in his ending Armageddon scene [leaving no doubt that it’s a Christian massacre that Sergio Leone is depicting in the mass graves at Sand Hill cemetery]. Note: Angel Eyes (Lee Van Cleef) served in the U.S. Navy aboard minesweepers and subchasers during World War II. Source

The complicit enabler though not generally mean, evil or underhanded like the three main characters in the movie it is the acceptance, actions and abilities of the usually unaware complicit enabler that allow all of the coming events of massive carnage and destruction to so easily and continually take place. We first meet the complicit character in scene #13 titled “Southern Cuisine”. Angel Eyes is out riding his horse and looking for clues to the whereabouts of Bill Carson when he comes across a small Confederate outpost. Most of the men are badly injured and are in much pain and are suffering much however one man is not sharing their pain and misfortune, that man is the enabler [the unscrupulous; politician, recruiter, defense contractor, etc.] Welcome! It is the first word of the enabler cheerfully spoken to a befuddled Angel Eyes. Enabler is not a solider himself, he has no weapon, he is wearing an empty pistol holster a holster that is placed too far back on the hip to be the dress of a real solider. Enabler doesn’t see the pain, the loss or the tragedy instead he sees the comedy, the money, the travel, the experiences, and the opportunity. Angel Eyes quickly knows how to deal with this type of man and gives him a bottle of cheap whiskey in exchange for all the information the man has. A last close-up of the man while he is sitting guzzling his precious bottle of cheap booze reveals that the closer we get to this man and the more we see of him the less appealing he becomes. Note: the amazing song that is being played in the background of the scene is the Christian Hymn “Were You There?” some of the words are “Were you there when they crucified my Lord? … It makes me WONDER, Wonder, wonder…”

The one intact family in the movie is represented by the Stevens family [Stephen the first Church martyr – Acts 7:59]. No first name is given the family is simply represented as a whole. The unnamed patriarch of the Stevens family is a wounded solider a farmer who is back to farming his land and recovering from his wounds received during his service in the war. Angel Eyes appears at the doorway and for a while it is uncertain if Angel Eyes is a friend or a foe. Walking towards the seated Stevens the accessible and ready to be used gun in the belt of Angel Eyes is now plainly visible and all hope of him being a friend is removed. Angel Eyes seats himself down and begins eating Stevens’ food and looking at a small family picture on the wall Angel Eyes asks “is that your family” Stevens replies “yes” Angel Eyes responds with a laugh and says “nice family.” Stevens comments that Angel Eyes is there to murder him and offers to pay him a $1,000 “some in gold” Angel Eyes looks at the money and says “a tidy (tithe) sum” takes the money and then proceeds to gun down the elderly family man. Shockingly the movie being an Occult blueprint for the destruction of the Church and family has depicted that Church Ministry is to be the determined tool to destroy the family as a viable unit. Angel Eyes then proceeds to kill the firstborn son and as he leaves a devastated family behind him the distraught mother and her younger son run into the room she screams and collapses.

Upsidedown cross
In one of the early scenes as Angel Eyes rides onto the Stevens’ property the youngest son is riding a donkey that is dumping water into a field. Adjacent to the donkey water pumping station is a decorative rock mosaic circle [it is identical to the mosaic rock circle in the final Armageddon scene where the dance of the Devil takes place]. As Angle Eyes rides onto the property the boy stops the donkey and gets off the donkey to go into the house the donkey then continues alone around his circle a distance of about 13 steps and then stops. When the donkey (burrow) stops the two poles of rigging form exactly an upsidedown cross within the rock circle [the two poles in the scene have been enlarged, lengthened (by the movie design set) and by the end of the scene the donkey now cannot get past the wall causing the donkey to stop and creating the upsidedown cross image in the circle]. Angel Eyes as he rides into the property *takes a shortcut and rides directly over the rock assortment and unknowingly troddens down a sacred Occult [upsidedown cross] symbol.

The two known scenes cut from the 1968 film version released to American theaters are all of scene #11 “Rich and Lonely” and the camping by the river portion of scene #22 “Different Partner, Same Deal”. The scene “Rich and Lonely” begins with yet another upsidedown cross this time it is a dead chicken being held out by Tuco (the legs of the chicken are tied but the wings hang out). Seemingly with the Occult image opening the scene the representation is that Socialism [Communism] is just another of the many tools of manipulation available to the Occult realm. Tuco uses the false promise of money to lure his childhood friends into a trap and certain death knowing all along that they will not survive their ordeal with Blondie. Note: The two scenes are restored to the 2003 DVD version of “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly” however it is suspected (by the commentator on the DVD version) that a few more portions were cut from the original 1966 film and have not been restored and could not be restored, they might be lost.

The completely destroyed building of what was once a lovely Church is the last structure encountered just before their entrance into “Sand Hill” cemetery. Angle Eyes is not present at the Church his Church and congregation consisted of the abused souls at Batterville concentration camp. The congregants of Batterville remained standing in rows [instead of seated in pews] while the deacons of Batterville took up the offering, the praise band played and Pastor Angel Eyes personally gave the (emergent) sermon especially to Tuco. A building, pews, baptismal fount, fellowship, freedoms and pleasant scenery were unnecessary items in the religion Angel Eyes sought to capitalize in.

The Occult Eye (Satan’s dominance) of enlightenment is prevalent throughout the movie in fact almost every character is filmed at one time or another posed with only one eye showing or revealing that each person has a certain level of Satanic enlightenment. Blondie is reviled with the one eye enlightenment as he cleans his pistol in the hotel room just as he is enlightened to the pending attack by Tuco’s pals. Blondie is further enlightened (shown with only one eye – a spiritual eye) when leaning against the stagecoach after he has learned the name on the grave of the buried treasure. Both Bill Carson (the solider) and Maria (the prostitute) are shown to have a single eye and actually both have a nearly identical, indistinguishable blue eye. Tuco is shown repeatedly to have one eye usually when he wears the eye patch of Bill Carson.

The Occult pyramid is a structure that is broad at its base yet minimal, selective and very notable at the top. The top of the pyramid has everything and dominates everything while the bottom of the pyramid has nothing and dominates nothing, unless it is given the ability to move up to a higher location within the pyramid. The pyramid is evident in the movie most notably during the encircled Dance of the Devil when Blondie takes his evident place at the top of the pyramid and Angel Eyes and Tuco vie for the left (unfavored) and right side (favored) positions at the bottom of the pyramid. Then after all of the events of the movie when Angel Eyes is dead and Tuco is left stranded again (this time at Sand Hill) Blondie rides off out of Sand Hill and into a new lush Garden of Eden utopia. The final scene and ending of the movie is the rider on a black horse riding across a now capped – pyramid (the top stone in place) that is etched into the ground mostly visible though somewhat not visible. The movie ends with the ending title “The End” and situated between the two words is the ‘cap stone’ of the pyramid signifying not the end but a new begging for those who are in and know.

Circle of Dominance
Satan sits enthroned above his circle and watches down upon the events occurring within his circle just as Satan’s faithful servant Arch Stanton faithfully watched the treasure in the grave next to his. The circle of dominance is prevalent in all occult rituals. The subject whether human or spirit being is summoned into the circle and then once in their sphere of influence is dominated. — “Isaiah 40:21-23 Have ye not known? have ye not heard? hath it not been told you from the beginning? have ye not understood from the foundations of the earth? It is He [God Almighty] that sitteth upon the circle of the earth, and the inhabitants thereof are as grasshoppers; that stretcheth out the heavens as a curtain, and spreadeth them out as a tent to dwell in: That bringeth the princes to nothing; He maketh the judges of the earth as vanity.”

Angle Eyes once he enters Satan’s circle of domination for the last and most evident time has the personal revelation that he has been the one deceived. Make no mistake about it Angle Eyes does not represent the ordinary Christian. The ordinary Christians are the poor unfortunate souls in Angel Eyes’ congregation the ones who in this scene are now filling the graves of the mass graveyard at Sand Hill cemetery. Angel Eyes didn’t submit to the system, any system, neither God’s nor Satan’s but instead rode the system, rode upon the beast and rode it to his destruction. – “Revelation 17:16 And the ten horns which thou sawest upon the beast [the scarlet coloured beast – Revelation 17:3], these shall hate the whore [Angel Eyes], and shall make her desolate and naked, and shall eat her flesh, and burn her with fire.”

Dance of the Devil
Once in the circle of domination the dance of the Devil takes place. All of the participants enter the circle and dance. Blondie dances elegantly to his rightful and mostly unchallenged place at the top of the pyramid within the circle. Tuco confused and bewildered wanders a bit in his dance. Angel Eyes enters the circle and has the revelation that he has been deceived [in thinking he was an equal partner with Blondie]. Upon his revelation Angle Eyes begins to dance a new dance. Angle Eyes pirouettes [does a dance move] creating his own small circle of dominance attempting to conjure [within himself] his own ability to emerge from his difficult position and into the position of a fellow enlightened Blondie but in doing so Angle Eyes crosses over Tuco, attempting to place Tuco on his gun hand side but instead places himself on the left [from the audience perspective] the unfavored position in the pyramid [but from the top of the pyramid perspective looking down Tuco is on the left side – the Occult favored side]. Angle Eyes has unknowingly danced himself into his position a position in front of an already open grave. The shot is fired, in ‘Shock and Awe’ a wounded Angle Eyes utters but one stunned word “Oh” and falls into his open grave to be finished off by one more firing of a bullet. – Note: This dance of the Devil has seemingly been taking place since 9-11-2001 when the circle of dominance has been revealed to control almost every aspect of the human condition; war, terrorism, flood, weather, security, finances, food, drugs, crime, clothing, technology and even religion. Also seemingly the Angel Eyes Pastors of America are aware of the dance and just like the Angel Eyes of the movie are desperately dancing in an attempt to circle, cross over and manifest as an enlightened one. Pastor Rick Warrens’ U.N. PEACE initiative, Pastor Chuck Smith Sr. and his public support and declaration that Rick Warren is his good, close and dear friend. Pastor Greg Laurie inviting Rick Warren to give the alter call at his Harvest Crusade. Pastor Skip Heitzig opening his congregation to the known Occultist the Satanist Leonard Sweet. Pastor Mike MacIntosh willingly and knowingly taking part in the 9/11 cover-up and accompanying deception. Dr. John MacArthur recently insisting that he has never had a Christian conversion moment in his life. Dr. John Piper assisting Rick Warren and himself displaying occult symbolism [W]. The SBC staff and community in propagating, persisting and covering-up of the fraudulent and dangerous Occult [war invoking “Sand Hill”] agenda of Ergun and Emir Caner, two charlatans who are attempting to portray Islam as dangerous and provoke Christians into a needless, endless and deadly religious war.

Caner’s Comeback Almost Complete – Will Speak to Students at FBC Jax Pastor’s Conference – It was announced to FBC Jax high schoolers and their parents this past Wednesday night that Ergun Caner will be speaking to the high school students at the Pastor’s Conference on Saturday night, January 29th, 2011
In only seven months since Ergun Caner was removed from his duties as dean of the Liberty Theological Seminary, his rise back to SBC prominence is almost complete – with a little bit of help from his friend Mac Brunson and the high schoolers of FBC Jacksonville. It was announced to FBC Jax high schoolers and their parents this past Wednesday night that Ergun Caner will be speaking to the high school students at the Pastor’s Conference on Saturday night, January 29th. I assume this is why Ergun Caner’s picture and bio appear at the Pastor’s Conference website although he doesn’t appear any where in the speaking schedule: he must be the speaker at the 7:00 pm “Student Conference” on the conference agenda, for which there is no specific speaker listed. If he is the speaker there, why not put his name on the agenda? Why is the cat let out of the bag only a few weeks prior to the conference? Pretty amazing that in just 7 months since his removal as President of the Liberty Theological Seminary over his 9 years of telling fibs in pulpits all over America – exaggerations of his testimony including his growing up in Turkey, learning of American culture through watching American TV shows while living in Turkey, how he was trained in Jihad – all false – that Ergun Caner is now given a platform to speak to high schoolers and presumably seminary students at the 2011 FBC Jax Pastor’s Conference. … This rapid return of Caner to SBC prominence perhaps says just as much about the state of evangelical Christianity as did our eagerness to lap up his stories for nine years and roll in the aisles at his racial and gender stereotype jokes. The lesson is if you can tell a good yarn, make people laugh, have superior oratory skills and can draw a crowd and generate revenue – you will be in high demand. It is about the dollar, and who are your friends. Caner is a co-author with Brunson, and Vines is the one who helped him to fame in 2001 when he brought him to FBC Jax. Neither can afford to let Caner fail. [article link]

A future Biblical scenario [possibly Revelation 20:8-9] where the armies of the earth gather to do war in the Middle-East including the valley of Megiddo a location in the hills “Sand Hill” of Israel. In the Occult scenario Armageddon can’t happen soon enough, hoping to destroy much of the population and overtake the planet for themselves. However the Biblical depiction of the battle of Armageddon more likely occurs during the future Kingdom Reign of Nations at the end of the Millennial reign of Jesus Christ when Nations go to war against God.

No bullets
Tuco unknowingly enters the dance of the Devil unarmed, the bullets having been removed from his revolver the night before by Blondie. In his movie Sergio Leone gives us a complete wide-angle view of both Blondie and Tuco drawing their guns against Angle Eyes but in the next view of Tuco [a narrow camera view] it is unclear whether a determined Tuco has begun to fire on Blondie in an attempt to gain the treasure all for himself. Tuco is pulling the trigger of an unloaded weapon a weapon that might be pointed at Blondie [we don’t have a wide-angle view to know for certain] but from the reaction of Tuco it seems that it was. Clearly the Occult plan is to reduce as many factions as possible in reducing the global population and clearly the plan is to leave whatever fraction of a faction is left unarmed, severely restricted (hands tied) and obedient to the Occult. Tuco is allowed to live, momentarily and as is seen in the movie only if Tuco is willing to run back into the circle of domination something that Tuco willingly does as he runs back into the circle, with hands tied while kicking and shouting but in the circle none the less. That’s the movie however and in reality Tuco [Islam] is not unarmed and in fact is being overly armed especially since 9-11-2001 when the neck of Islam was again figuratively placed in a noose only to be again removed and this time mistakenly armed and equipped with enough bullets and ability to take on Blondie. We will look at this in more detail in our coming study of the 10 [Regional] Kingdoms where in the Bible [Daniel 7:24] three of the 10 Kings feel that they are the rightful rulers and challenge the eventual Antichrist but are swiftly and deliberately dealt with and removed from their authority by the coming Antichrist. Who the three Kings are who challenge the coming Antichrist is unknown, could it be Islam, could it be anyone else?

Occult Timeline
The Occult seemingly has an alphabetical timeline assigned to America specifically and possibly the End Times in generally. At the founding of America with the Revolution War the Occult alphabet seemed to be near the beginning using the early letters of the alphabet often the letter B in words, codes and families. The Blair, Brown and Bush families were all significant families on both sides of the Atlantic in England and in the American Colonies and much of the early Revolutionary War activities took place in the city of Boston, Massachusetts i.e. the Boston Tea Party on December 16, 1773 by the Freemason Lodge St. Andrew’s Lodge in Boston []. With the events of the American Civil War the Occult society had felt that it had advanced enough to use the letter K i.e. KKK and in the sport of baseball a product of the Civil War, baseball scoring records a pitcher’s domination over a batter with a K as a symbol for a strikeout. Today we are nearing the end of alphabet with the letters V, W and X being used more and more and generation Y is often dubbed as the current teenage generation. Though we are not yet at the end of the Occult alphabet timeline [designed end of the American empire] we could be getting close with only the letters Y and Z left to be used. We are going to study End Times a bit more thoroughly and in short what is going to be attempted is a study of the obvious [the British Throne] and the not so obvious [other possibilities] suspecting that the actual End Time events would probably be a combination of the obvious and of the not so obvious. For instance the emerging Global Kingdom is a “revised” Roman Empire – but how revised? Revised enough for the throne to originate not in Rome but in England [probably], revised enough for the throne to originate in America [possibly] or revived enough for the throne to originate in Arabia [possibly]. One thing is for certain the End Time events are not set to the point of their being unchangeable.

Tuco 2
Tuco makes his appearance in the movie and like Blondie is heard from before he is seen by the guns of Tuco firing. Tuco bursts into view in the movie by literally bursting through a plate glass window. Tuco is holding a gun in one hand and a half eaten leg of lamb with a bottle of whiskey in the other. Tuco is leaving the scene without paying for his meal. Tuco is a thief that has taken from the shepherds flock.

Blondie 2
Blondie is himself a trinty of personalities. Blondie as the “Man with no name” is a type of the mythical but real Satan. Blondie as Judas is a type of a diabolical personality who cannot be trusted. Blondie as Blondie is a type of person who is in control and in charge of both himself and his situation.

Angel Eyes 2
Angel Eyes is first presented in the movie in clear detail with the sky of heaven as his background. What Angel Eyes could have been if he had lived up to his own potential. A friend too many, a leader, an example and a divine accomplishment both in this life and in the life to come. Instead Angel Eyes lived not to his best abilities but to his worst abilities, his worst greed and his worst compassions. In the end Angel Eyes is standing in Sand Hill graveyard surrounded by the graves of the men who were the very congregants of his church, yet he is unphased by it all, unphased that is until the reality of his own world comes violently and suddenly crashing down upon him.

Hymn: Where you There? Were you there when they crucified my Lord? Were you there when they crucified my Lord? Oh, sometimes it causes me to tremble, tremble, tremble. Were you there when they crucified my Lord? Were you there when they nailed him to the tree? Were you there when they nailed him to the tree? Oh, sometimes it causes me to tremble, tremble, tremble. Were you there when they nailed him to the tree? Were you there when they laid him in the tomb? Were you there when they laid him in the tomb? Oh, sometimes it causes me to tremble, tremble, tremble. Were you there when they laid him in the tomb? Were you there when God raised him from the tomb? Were you there when God raised him from the tomb? Oh, sometimes it causes me to tremble, tremble, tremble. **Were you there when God raised him from the tomb? Source: — Where you there [when they Glorified my Lord]? … It makes me to WONDER, Wonder, wonder! [The hymn uses the older English word ‘tremble’ but the word ‘wonder’ is a good or better modern equivalent.] The Christian hymn is asking the question “Were you there?” at the cross of Jesus Christ, asking not in an accusing way as in looking for one who had nailed our Savior to the cross but instead asking in a pilgrim way. It is imperative that each Christian make the pilgrimage to the cross of our savior the Lord Jesus Christ. The Prophets of Judah made the trip (Isaiah 53), the Kings of Israel made the trip (King David – Psalm 22). The three wise men from afar made the trip (Matthew 2) and the peasant girl Mary also made the trip (John 19:26). Fishermen and theologians, disciples and doubters have all made the trip to the cross. Those who have been to the cross, those who have made the pilgrimage to the glorification of our Savior have been able to reflect on the glorious and significant sacrifice that God in His love for us provided for us. The hymn is asking the question because having been to the cross it is then impossible to continue to live our lives in the same selfish and disrespectful ways in which we have previously lived. Have you been to the cross of Jesus Christ … It makes me WONDER, Wonder, wonder …

The movie “The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly” begins in the opening credits in the midst of an ongoing battle, a large battle is taking place, it is an unseen battle it is the battle of the spiritual realm. According to the opening credits it is both colorful and chaotic it is both stunning and terrifying. We are not simply viewers in this unseen battle we are all participants either willingly or unwillingly. The spiritual war has swept into our country, into our city and it has leveled every block in our neighborhood. We have a choice though, we can either beg for mercy in a harsh war like the owner of the hotel had chosen to do or we can live in faith. We can live in faith, in hope and in love by keeping a war that has come so close to us, to our very doorstep, keeping that war as far away from our heart as possible by knowing that God in Heaven as already prepared a place for us and in that place we won’t be disappointed.

by David Anson Brown

Chuck Missler & Council for National Policy Warning-Part 1 (Mp3)
Comments: Blaine says – January 26, 2011 at 5:08 pm Did you bother to listen to the teaching? or did you just commenting after seeing the title? I have listened to a lot of Chuck’s teaching. My favorite is The Return of The Nephilims. However, though I think Chuck has some good teachings, his connections are still questionable. Scott has brought up some interesting points which he backs up with prove. A man who calls himself a follower of the Lord Jesus Christ has no business yoking up with the people and wicked organizations Chuck is yoked up with. The bible tell us to come out from among them, be separate, and touch not the unclean thing. Then will I receive you, says the Lord. A believer cannot be feasting at the Lord’s table while in communion with devils… can’t have it both ways. I know many of us have had loads of respect for Chuck Missler because of the teaching he has put out, but the truth is the truth! I’ll rather side with the truth than blindly follow a man when he’s exposed by the light of the truth. [article link]

Chuck Missler & Council for National Policy Warning-Part 2 (Mp3)
Comments: Nola says – January 25, 2011 at 3:36 pm I thank God you have exposed Chuck Missler. I had been so impressed with his teachings that I had purchased at least $400.00 worth of his teachings. I was actually planning to get a library of all his bible DVDs, which (after listening to your teaching) I WILL NOT. God bless you and thank you. … Elizabeth says: January 27, 2011 at 3:26 am Dear Scott, I shouldn’t be surprised, but I continue to marvel at how clever and embedded, and sly and transformed into “light” these men and women are. They say all the right things, they know all the right people, they show well in our conferences and seminars and churches. “Good words and fair speeches”, deceiving “the heart of the simple”. We need to STOP being simple, dear children of God! These wolves and goats are filling our ranks and most seem to have no idea. Thank you, Scott, for your diligence and willingness to present the truth as you uncover it. We are listening…. Blessings of comfort and strength in the Lord, Elizabeth [article link]

Multiple Dimensions – Exotica: Alien Genesis – Randy Maugans with Nigel Kerner, Dr. Andrew Silverman, Professor John Biggerstaff – wide-ranging [mostly secular] discussion on the phenomena of alien abduction and the ET agenda {Note: The 1966 Occult movie “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly” introduced the world to an Occult Timeline through a series of pre-determined wars and events however that was decades ago and now the Occult is busy (very busy) introducing the world to their version of a multi-dimensional Occult Universe. An Occult universe of Aliens, UFO’s, Nephilim, fallen angels, demonic beings, magical and mythical beings of all kinds.} (Mp3)
Part 1 of 2 shows: Nigel Kerner, author of “The Song of the Greys” and “Grey Aliens and the Harvesting of Souls”, returns with his colleagues to conclude the wide-ranging [mostly secular] discussion on the phenomena of alien abduction and the ET agenda to genetically and technologically re-engineer humanity. You say you want a de-volution…? [article link]

Sweetly Broken [at the cross] – (Youtube)
By Jeremy Riddle – Sweetly Broken – Christian Music. [article link]

Blessed be the Name (Youtube)
By Matt Redman – Blessed Be Your Name – Christian Music. [article link]

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