The Age of Disinformation and Conjure

Updates: February 4, 2018

The Age of Disinformation and Conjure

Kennedy Classics – The New Tolerance YouTube

Dr. James Kennedy mentions that society has transitioned from the “Age of Faith” (Christian belief in God) to the “Age of Reason” (belief in reasonable scientific explanations) to now the “Age of Tolerance” (how every idea is considered equal no matter how ridiculous the concept is).

Another way to look at this is that society has transitioned from the “Information Age” where people had enough truthful information to make a reasonably informed decision.

To what became the “Age of Disinformation” where most of the news and information in society is actually disinformation (part truth and part lies) and therefore deceitful and unhelpful and even incapable of helping people to make good and relevant decisions in their life.

To now we actually live in what is termed as the “Age of Conjure” where information is just made up out of nothing just “fake news” conjured-up “gibberish” that is being passed of as news and information and people are supposed to unquestionably accept it as a valid representation of reality.

by David Anson Brown

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